25 May 2012


Monogram 'TSL' [A4 Phhoto album]
Theme 'Our African Family' [A4 Photo album]
Monogram 'TCL' [A4 Photo album]
Ladies shirt - HOPE
Baby grow -Hugz?

Ladies shirt- Babbelas
Tank - Angel [Hebrew]
Kiddos shirt - don't pinch me bro
Pillow case- personal message
Boxer shorts - Amigo
Bag - I'm not a plastic bag

Monogram chart

Mangalisa ~ A Wonderful Story

We at Mangalisa have some very exciting plans to create new themes for our shirts, stationaries and other "bits-and-pieces". If you have ideas that you feel would make a sound statement of a positive, poetic, cultural or even funny nature, please feel free to contact us and join the Mangalisa story!
Bespoke embroideries of a different kind >>>

* we embroider garments and stationary
to suit customer specific design requirements.
[Price upon Request] as each item is unique and personalized!
General information
Please feel free to get in contact with us at >>>
Owner: Claudia Englert-Herbert

the story behind the logo :
Alpha (Α) and Omega (Ω) are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, signifying that God is "the beginning and the end," or eternal. This phrase is interpreted by Christians to mean that Jesus existed from eternity and will exist eternally.

the added factor:
Mangalisa is a Zulu word meaning amaze; astonish; surprise; cause wonder. The word is used in the context to describe an amazing, a wonderful or a fantastic story.

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